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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sprockets Cafe

After attending the Holy Mass at the University of San Carlos' university chapel, me and my beautiful college best friend, Kristhy, went straight to the Sprockets Cafe, USC-TC branch and tried some of their hot and cold drinks. Kristhy picked Honeydew Milk Tea. I also picked Hot Choco Supreme. What I love about this cafe is that not only that their cakes and hot and cold drinks are delicious, the prices are also costumer-friendly; which is perfect for a student like me. I also love the ambiance and the interiors of the cafe plus the staff were also very friendly. I'm planning to return to that cafe soon and try their other drinks and milk teas! 

Photos above by me and Kristhy

Like their facebook page! where you can check their latest drinks and cakes. Here's their Christmas edition fruitcakes:

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  1. You are BRILLIANT! love the whole look. from head to toe!!!
    Happy Chritmas! :)

    Would you like follow each other? I'll be soo glad :) let me know and I'll be follow back



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