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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

One Afternoon

One afternoon, me and my college best friend, Kristenne, despite of our hectic schedules, spent a little time having a lunch date and catching up. We were together for almost two hours and that time was really inadequate because we have so many things to talk about, especially on my part who talks non-stop. On top of that, I felt very happy that we were able to spend a little time together; since after graduating college, we took different paths (I'm in law school while she is working as a writer.) and we only see each for like every 3-5 months. 

As with the outfit that I'm wearing, I think the color gray is the best color that we/I can pair with the color pink. Do you agree? :)

Photos by: Kristenne Marie Gicum

Camisole - Forever 21
Lace Skirt - Thrifted
Bag - Mango
Sandals - Rusty Lopez

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lakeside Florida

No make-up, big eyebags, acne breakouts. I humbly apologize for my very stressed look. 

I wore this outfit during my friend at law school's birthday. We celebrated her birthday a day before her actual birthday and that was Saturday. Saturdays at law school are the most stressful days during the acedemic year. We have so many law subjects on that day and for that reason, I opted wearing something which is very comfortable. I used my Forever 21 dress as my skirt then paired it with this lovely "Lakeside Florida" hoodie for a casual look. I was bringing a lot of books and Supreme Court Cases on that day that's why I'm using this backpack from Adidas

Photos by: Christine Angeli Otero

LBD - Forever 21
"Lakeside Florida" Hoodie - Thrifted
Backpack - Adidas
Shoes - Rusty Lopez

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mango Kids (1st collection)

The Spanish fashion brand Mango launched their first ever collection for kids and here are just some of the photos from their collection which I absolutely love. 

The model kids on the photos above looked so chic and cute! Gosh, I am going to style my future kids like that I swear! :)

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Which is which?


or this?

Life is full of choices. Everything that we do involves making a choice. Like dressing up, sometimes we make choices such as choosing what belt should we pair with our jeans or what is the appropriate pair of shoes that we can match well with our jeans. When me and my cousin had a shoot with the outfits above, I really had a hard time choosing which belt should I pair with my Jack Daniels shirt and my Mullet Skirt. Since that time I couldn't really decide which is which, so I chose both! :)

What do you think works best with my outfit? The blue skinny belt or the "thick" one, I mean that brown waist belt?

Well, I leave you with this last shot that did not make it with the above collage.

Jack Daniels Shirt - Roselyn White
Skinny Belt - Mom's gift
Waist Belt - SM Department Store
Mullet Skirt - Forever 21
Bag - Mango
Platforms - Primadonna

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

September 2013 Fashion Inspirations


Sources: Stockholm Streetstyle,, Jessica Stein of and Zina of

Starting this month, I will be posting my monthly fashion inspirations. As you have noticed from the above photos, you can infer that my style preference is simple yet chic. I'm not into heavy accessories and and I prefer investing outfits which the style is very versatile and timeless because they can really last. I usually avoid trend-based style for practical reasons. 

Gosh, I'm lusting for that black leather moto jacket! I already have a moto jacket but it is made of cotton. :( 

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