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Monday, February 27, 2012

Shoes wishlist for 2012

Yeah right. I'm such a shoelady! I love shoes, shoes, shoes! 

Back in college, I used to wear flats. I actually even hated wearing heels/wedges/pumps because I think it's such a drag for me to wear heels/wedges/pumps, but my mother is opposite. She loves wearing heels/wedges/pumps. She thinks that flats are usually boring to wear! haha! When we buy shoes, we usually have a debate whether I should purchase flats or heels, and I usually won! (haha) Because I'm the one who's going to wear the shoes, not her! 

Now, I just passed the Nurses Licensure Exam and will be entering the real world. I'll be working soon. And guess what? THINGS HAVE CHANGED! I LOVE heels/wedges/pumps! hahahaha! 

Here's my shoes wishlist for 2012:

Teel pumps

Color Blocking Pumps

Pink Booties

The first three shoes are available online at  Chick Flicks.


This wedge is available at SO! F.A.B. 

I guess my mother was right then. I finally realized that wearing heels/pumps/wedges has a lot of advantages. They don't only add heights; they also make you look sexy and more feminine. They also add spice to your outfit.

I hope I can buy at least one shoes on this shoe wishlist! :)

Love, Ericka~ :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

By The River I Sat Down And Laughed

The blog post’s title is derived from the one of Paulo Coelho’s novel, By the River I Sat Down and Cried. I just changed the last word of the book’s title with “laughed” instead of “cry”. 

Me taking a break from walking on the river bridge!

I also took Kristhy's photos on this bridge.

Presenting, the ever beautiful river of Northern Cebu! 

Shoelady or Baglady? I prefer both but for now I'm such a shoelady! haha!

Thank you Kristhy Jane for the awesome photos!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The One That Got Away

         Moving on from heartbreak is bittersweet. It’s a mixture of pain, sadness, longing, relief, exhaustion, hopefulness and a sense of freedom. There are a lot of things that we could learn from heartbreak, if only we allow ourselves to really look deep down and uncover these lessons. For one thing, I’ve learned to never ever take myself for granted. No matter how much we love someone, we should never lose ourselves in the relationship. We should always retain our sense of self, so that no matter what happens, we are still intact. Love is beautiful, love is also complicated. But we should never ever give up on love!

Love is a “message”. And it is brought to us by “messengers”, or the people who come into our lives that love us and we feel love for. When the message of love comes to us, we should receive it with open hearts. But when it decides to leave, we should also set it free. Don’t mistake the “messenger” with the “message”. Because messengers are only humans; they make mistakes, they leave, and they even die. But the MESSAGE remains. It was brought to us, and it will always be THERE, resounding in our hearts for the rest of our lives. We just have to open our hearts and hear the message.

When love decides to leave, it has nothing to do with you and me as a person. We are no less than who we are, just because love decides to leave. Yes, we cry over it and grieve its departure, but after the grieving process, we should celebrate. Let’s celebrate because the message CAME to us, we felt the love, the happiness, the joy. We have learned what we have to learn. It has done its purpose and now we have to set it free. This is what MOVING ON means. 

Article reposted from but the photos in this post are mine.

~Ericka ;) Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

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