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Monday, February 27, 2012

Shoes wishlist for 2012

Yeah right. I'm such a shoelady! I love shoes, shoes, shoes! 

Back in college, I used to wear flats. I actually even hated wearing heels/wedges/pumps because I think it's such a drag for me to wear heels/wedges/pumps, but my mother is opposite. She loves wearing heels/wedges/pumps. She thinks that flats are usually boring to wear! haha! When we buy shoes, we usually have a debate whether I should purchase flats or heels, and I usually won! (haha) Because I'm the one who's going to wear the shoes, not her! 

Now, I just passed the Nurses Licensure Exam and will be entering the real world. I'll be working soon. And guess what? THINGS HAVE CHANGED! I LOVE heels/wedges/pumps! hahahaha! 

Here's my shoes wishlist for 2012:

Teel pumps

Color Blocking Pumps

Pink Booties

The first three shoes are available online at  Chick Flicks.


This wedge is available at SO! F.A.B. 

I guess my mother was right then. I finally realized that wearing heels/pumps/wedges has a lot of advantages. They don't only add heights; they also make you look sexy and more feminine. They also add spice to your outfit.

I hope I can buy at least one shoes on this shoe wishlist! :)

Love, Ericka~ :)

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