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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Believe me, it's MINT! :D

Hype my lookbook look here:

Believe me, the top's color is actually mint. :) This is what I wore during the Blogger's Meet and Greet Event organized by Nuffnang Philippines. The mint top was given to me by my pretty room mate, Rocena. I paired it with my beige high-waisted skirt and pink belt. To add height, I also wore wedges from Payless (but then after the event, I switched to flipflops). 

I had so much fun interacting and making friends with fellow Cebuano bloggers, plus I received an advice about blogging from Miss Eden of! She's so nice! :) 

Photo by: Tof Solon Thank youuu! :)

PS: I'll be posting about the event in few days! :) 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nuffnang is Coming to Cebu!

CEBU - The Queen City of the South. Home of the famous festival, Sinulog; home of the famous "Otap" and "Lechon de Cebu".

I've been staying here in Cebu City for almost 5 years since I spent my tertiary education at the University of San Carlos. I have known lots of the city's best place to visit and at the same time, affordable, can impart learning to the visitors and hopefully may enhance the spirituality and faith of the visitors of Cebu.

Touring around a certain place does not necessarily mean going to the best beach, shopping centers and bars. It can also be a good opportunity to learn the place's rich history and culture.

So, if I am Nuffnang's tour guide, I would surely take them to these of the following places:

Number 1:

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño

This Basilica is home of the miraculous sculpture depicting Holy Child Jesus found during the Spanish era of 16th century.

Basically, when we start touring around, we should start it off with a prayer for guidance and safety of our tour.

The Basilica itself was built around the 18th century. You can see European designs on the Basilica and lots of antiques (sculptures of Mama Mary and Saints).

Number 2:

The Magellan's Cross

(c) Rhee Gonzaga

The site is just adjacent to the Basilica. It is where the wooden cross brought by the Portuguese Explorer Ferdinad Magellan on the year 1521 is located.

Number 3:

University of San Carlos - Main Campus

Not to sound bias, but I would love to tour you on my college Alma Mater. The University of San Carlos is the oldest school in the Philippines and Asia built on the year 1595.

The university also has its own museum where you can do some travel time with history which is a great way of learning!

Number 4:

Taoist Temple

This temple preserves the teaching of the famous Chinese Philisopher Lao Tzu. This temple offers you a relaxing and meditating time from the fast-paced life in the city. There are 81 steps way up which represents the 81 chapters of the Taoism scriptures - that must be a perfect way to exercise!

This Taoist Temple is located at Barangay Lahug, Cebu City.

Number 5:

Casa Gorordo

This used to be the home of the first Filipino Bishop of Cebu, Juan Gorordo and now being utilized as the museum. Upon entering this museum you will see the Filipino lifestyle during the Spanish period and American period.; featuring the relics and antique household items and furniture.

Number 6:

Cebu I.T. Park

Formerly known as Asiatown IT Park, this is an economic zone and modern trading center at the heart of Cebu City. This is just adjacent to the famous Waterfront Hotel - Cebu. 

(c) Guy Jasper Gonzaga

This is the home of BPO companies outside Metro Manila providing lots of jobs to the Filipinos. Not only that, this IT center has also fine restaurants, establishments, condominium units, IT and business offices and also a hotel.
Number 7:

Tops is located in Barangay Busay, Cebu City. Tops is around 2,000 feet above sea-level which provides a beautiful view of Metro Cebu, Mactan Island and Bohol. This is the perfect place for picnics and evening parties. The place itself is cool. Makes you feel like you're in Baguio City! :)
View of Metro Cebu at Night
Nuffnang Philippines, an online advertising company, will be having a meet and greet event at Red Box Ayala Center Cebu. Special thanks to the event's sponsors! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tangerine Blues

Kindly hype this look on lookbook:

As I looked at a photo of a model wearing a tangerine dress with my favorite color blue on the background, I observed that the two colors looked oh-so-good together! I told to my self that I should post a look inspired from the photo. So here it goes!

I used this asymmetrical tangerine dress as my top. This dress was given to me by my mother. My mother bought the dress for the graduation exercises of the school she's handling but unfortunately, the dress does not fit her well, so the dress went to my hands instead! haha :) 

I paired the tangerine top (dress) with this pair of denim shorts that I bought at a "tiangge" at Colon (downtown Cebu) area. 

Since I'm a bit chubby, I'm wearing this 5 inch something white strapped-wedge from Payless. Wearing "sky high wedges makes you look not just taller but slimmer too! Now, I'm starting to buy good shoes. I wanna have a collection of good, good, good, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and durable shoes - yeah, I must admit, I'm such a shoelady, shoe-addict, shoe-lover, and many more descriptions about shoe obsession with standards of course. I buy a pair of shoes, not only because of its awesome style and design but also because of its quality and durability! :) Quality versus Quantity? QUALITY! 

Back to the photo, I'm glad that I finally have this photo inspired from a photo of a magazine, tangerines and blues being paired on a photo.

Tangerine Dress used as a Top: From Mother; Denim Shorts: Tiangge from Colon; Bag: Thrifted; Belt: Metro Dept. Store; Wedge: Montego Bay Club for Payless

Special thanks to Mayang for bringing me and my friends to the rooftop for this awesome shots; Kristhy for make-up and Rocena for pose instructions! hahaha

Friday, April 13, 2012

Looking for Love

Hype this look on lookbook.

On this look, the dress was given to me by my mother.

So, how did I get this dress? Well, I found this dress on her closet; fitted it; then caught by my mother wearing her dress - it was like a bit awkward being caught in the act! When my mother saw me wearing the dress, she said, “Bagay nimu ang dress! Imuha nana day!” (The dress looks good on you, that dress is now yours.). But, I insisted to my mother not to have her dress since the dress also looks good on her. So what my mother did? She went to the department store and bought the exact same dress and gave it to me! haha I did not expect that she would do such thing! That was so sweet! We have the same dress! :) I have no choice but to accept the dress that she gave to me.

Thank you mama! :) You’re the best mom ever!

The pair of Celine shoes belong to my pretty close friend, Mae. She lent the shoes to me because she knows that the shoes are perfect for the dress - and she’s correct! :)

Thank you Mae! :) You’re the prettiest! 

Special thanks to Mae, Kristhy and Rocena for helping me a lot and spending a very good time with me. :)

Monday, April 09, 2012

Ash and Misty - Pokemon Photo shoot

Here are my shots from the Pokemon (cosplay photo shoot)
with my friends Anjo, Jane and fellow photographer, Kenji!

You may also view the photos on a larger scale by clicking this link:

Anjo Go as Ash
Jane Tanaka as Misty

Thank you very much guys for
a wonderful photography learning opportunity! 

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