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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tangerine Blues

Kindly hype this look on lookbook:

As I looked at a photo of a model wearing a tangerine dress with my favorite color blue on the background, I observed that the two colors looked oh-so-good together! I told to my self that I should post a look inspired from the photo. So here it goes!

I used this asymmetrical tangerine dress as my top. This dress was given to me by my mother. My mother bought the dress for the graduation exercises of the school she's handling but unfortunately, the dress does not fit her well, so the dress went to my hands instead! haha :) 

I paired the tangerine top (dress) with this pair of denim shorts that I bought at a "tiangge" at Colon (downtown Cebu) area. 

Since I'm a bit chubby, I'm wearing this 5 inch something white strapped-wedge from Payless. Wearing "sky high wedges makes you look not just taller but slimmer too! Now, I'm starting to buy good shoes. I wanna have a collection of good, good, good, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and durable shoes - yeah, I must admit, I'm such a shoelady, shoe-addict, shoe-lover, and many more descriptions about shoe obsession with standards of course. I buy a pair of shoes, not only because of its awesome style and design but also because of its quality and durability! :) Quality versus Quantity? QUALITY! 

Back to the photo, I'm glad that I finally have this photo inspired from a photo of a magazine, tangerines and blues being paired on a photo.

Tangerine Dress used as a Top: From Mother; Denim Shorts: Tiangge from Colon; Bag: Thrifted; Belt: Metro Dept. Store; Wedge: Montego Bay Club for Payless

Special thanks to Mayang for bringing me and my friends to the rooftop for this awesome shots; Kristhy for make-up and Rocena for pose instructions! hahaha

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