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Friday, April 13, 2012

Looking for Love

Hype this look on lookbook.

On this look, the dress was given to me by my mother.

So, how did I get this dress? Well, I found this dress on her closet; fitted it; then caught by my mother wearing her dress - it was like a bit awkward being caught in the act! When my mother saw me wearing the dress, she said, “Bagay nimu ang dress! Imuha nana day!” (The dress looks good on you, that dress is now yours.). But, I insisted to my mother not to have her dress since the dress also looks good on her. So what my mother did? She went to the department store and bought the exact same dress and gave it to me! haha I did not expect that she would do such thing! That was so sweet! We have the same dress! :) I have no choice but to accept the dress that she gave to me.

Thank you mama! :) You’re the best mom ever!

The pair of Celine shoes belong to my pretty close friend, Mae. She lent the shoes to me because she knows that the shoes are perfect for the dress - and she’s correct! :)

Thank you Mae! :) You’re the prettiest! 

Special thanks to Mae, Kristhy and Rocena for helping me a lot and spending a very good time with me. :)

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