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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October Long Evening Dress Inspirations: Black Formal Dresses

I love dresses. I love dressing up. I love wearing long evening dresses during formal parties. So, I was looking for an evening long dress inspiration when I found this Australian online shopping website for formal dresses, Dressleaderau on the internet. My current preference for long dresses and gowns is color black. So don't wonder why all of my picks from this online shopping website are colored in black. 

So, here are my picks from the Australian online shopping website, Dressleaderau, from their cheap formal dresses Australia collection:

This dress is sexy but in a subtle way. I love the way this dress make you look sexy without revealing too much. The black lace detail with a backless design at the back defines the sexiness of this dress. With lesser clothes being utilized in this long evening dress, this dress is perfect for girls who are in the tropical countries where the temperature is humid or hot. 

I love set dresses or two-piece dresses like this because of their versatility. You can wear two-pieces like this in casual parties or even formal parties. This two-piece dress makes it look formal because of the tulle skirt. You can also wear the top with other bottoms and same with the tulle skirt, you can also pair the skirt with other sexy tops for other parties. You can really maximize this two-piece dress a lot! 

Here's my only pick from their Cheap Long Formal Dresses Collection:

One of my favorite long formal dress design is the mermaid formal dress or gown because it highlights our sexy curves and makes us look tall or taller! I love the geometric and minimalist design of this dress. This dress is perfect for girls who are into modern and contemporary fashion.

For more dresses you can check their website, Dressleaderau!

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