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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Gifts (New In)

Gift from my parents. A Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II lens. I've been wanting to have this lens for a short while upon knowing that this type of lens produces a bokeh effect on the photos. As a fashion blogger, this inexpensive lens is a must-have in order to take good outfit photos and it is also very useful under low light conditions.

Gift from myself.  An Android Smartphone. Been lusting over a smartphone for over a year already and I finally bought myself one this Christmas. At first, I stopped myself from an impulsive gadget buying until such time that I was given a big responsibility in a student org at law school and using my old phone was very hard to communicate and send announcements via group message to our org members and applicants. I was very lucky enough that I bought this phone 70% off from its original price! This smartphone's brand just opened their shop at a local mall and as their way of giving thanks to their loyal buyers, they had this one-day sale/promo with this phone at a very low price! Haha I can't believe that even in gadgets I was able to acquire such huge deal! :D

Gift from my Uncle. An Edimax WiFi Router. Receiving this gift from my uncle is like a double-edged sword. It can either help me a lot from saving time from facing and using my notebook pc with all my academic and blog works or it can ruin my time management skills. I hope I can still manage to control myself from excessive internet surfing and still think that my number one purpose of the internet is to get most of my academic materials for my law studies. 

Gift from my classmate/manito, Ferdie. An iPad Cover! Christmas parties are never complete without exhanging gifts! An iPad cover is just one of my wishlist for Christmas (actually number 1 on the list); and luckily my manito (term we call for the ones who will give us a gift during the exchanging gift/Kris Kringle) was thoughtful enough to give me this iPad cover!

To my parents, my uncle and to my manito, Ferdie, thank you so much guys for these gifts!

Other Christmas gifts from my cousin, close friend, blog sponsor and Wrangler Philippines are coming also! haha Can't wait to receive them! #feelingblessed

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