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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Mesh Skirt

I apologize for the low quality photos. It was dark already when my college bestfriend took these photos and taking photos using a 50mm f.18 lens is a struggle during night time because of difficulty in focusing your subject.

Anyway, back to my outfit. I wore this last year to my college bestfriend's bithday party at a seafood restaurant in the city. We ate a lot and sang our favourite songs because the restaurant's function room had a videoke machine. Considering that the mesh skirt's colour is white, it can blend with any colour but I think it blends perfectly with cobalt blue. Mesh skirt is the trend lately for it puts twist on your skirt with this "peek a boo sort of transparent mechanism" on the skirt.

Looking at the photos, I can only say that I gained weight like sh*t and it affects my look on my outfits. Sorry for the expletive but it is such a big problem for an ordinary girl like me who is constantly on stress due to my demanding law school life who is struggling to survive law school and struggling to maintain normal weight. Stress eating is what I do when I am so stressed. My gosh! I have to lose weight! 

I'm wearing:
Skirt - Mhuy Feminina
Bag - Secosana
Heels - CLN (Celine)

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