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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Blog Name and New Things to Try this 2014!

One of the ways of welcoming a brand new year is by trying to do some changes and do new things. 

We used to associate the new year with change; and now, I decided to change my blog's domain and name from Be Happy Blue! to My Fashion Felicity. My original plan was to change my blog's domain and name into Fashion Felicity but unfortunately, blogger notified me that the name cannot be used; so I just added the word "my" because I can't drop the blog name fashion felicity.

Why My Fashion Felicity? Personally, fashion is one of the things, aside from my family, my friends and my law stuides, that makes me happy and felicity is another word for happiness. My former blog's name Be Happy Blue was made out of my sad emotions during the time that I made this blog. I was heart broken that time and I used that blog name to remind me (I was called blue that time) that there are better days ahead of me and I should keep myself happy by focusing on another things like family, friends and fashion blogging and should not be confined with a heart ache. The reason of the name and domain of my first blog name was very personal but since I had already moved on from that heart ache I am not ashamed to disclose here about it. :)

There are many things that I want to try this year, 2014 like wearing a backless or a plunging neckline dress/gown; travelling to another province or region; exercising and living a healthier lifestyle such as avoiding junk foods, fast foods and oily foods; and most importantly minimize my temper tantrums. I think this is because of the intense stress that I have with my law studies that lately I tend to have a temper tantrums and have less patience. 

I already had done a change with my blog. I hope I can also successfully implement those things enumerated above that I want to try this year! Happy new year everyone! xx

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