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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Fashion Inspirations - October 2013

While suffering from a toothache last night, I was reading and looking for awesome blogs as my diversional activity to at least minimize the pain I feel from tootache and also at the same time waiting for my painkillers to take effect, when I discovered this chic Germany-based Filipina fashion blogger Angelica Lorenz of (at the last four photos above). I ended up spending my supposedly 1 hour of facing the wall at the law library while waiting for my tooth pain to subside with reading her posts which I reckoned is much much better way of spending that shitty 1 hour and was able to save her fashionable and lovely photos from her blog, make them as my fashion inspirations and post them here. Angelica inspires me to blog more despite of my busy schedule as a second year law student. I just love her style! 

Check her blog,

PS: I just had my molar extracted today! Yehey! :)

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