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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dermcare Acnecure

Last week, after my stressful midterm exams, me and my bestfriend, Paulina went to Dermcare Clinic at SM City Cebu Mall. I had an acne-clearing with seaweed mask facial. It was my first time to have a facial treatment and damn, I never thought that facial treatments can be so painful if you have a lot of pimples! I had a major pimple breakout during the time that I had my facial for the first time and the therapist had to prick and extract the pimples as part of the treatment. I almost cried in pain but at least my face was cleaned to the highest level! Beauty really entails a whole lot of sacrifices right?

After my facial treatment, the therapist recommended me these products to try. An anti-bacterial soap, a clarifying cleanser (both have Tea Tree Oil), a sunblock foundation (which I will use during daytime) and an acne antibiotic solution (which I will use during nightime). I will give these products a shot and hopefully, they will finally solve my year-long pimple problems.

Wish me luck! xx

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