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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Break Time

Few days before my exhausting and frustrating midterm examinations at Law School, I've been reading and reading voluminous books and cases for more or less 15 hours a day which is more than my usual 7 hours a day (school day) and usually I suffer a lot of headaches as a consequence of eye strain from reading. As much as possible, I avoid taking painkillers every time I have a headache because paracetamols are considered as "liver toxic". Aside from taking a break from reading and taking a nap, one of my non-pharmacological remedies for headache is taking outfit shots inside my room for my little blog. 

Did it work? Yes! It worked it my part, me and my lovely cousin enjoyed taking my outfit shots and looking at the photos as well. Fashion has always been my stress reliever at law school. :)

Jack Daniels Muscle Tee - Roselyn White
Mullet Skirt - Forever 21
Platforms - Primmadonna

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