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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

That's Why I'm Asking You!

The graphic t-shirt has a print design of our law professor's usual facial expression during our oral examinations with his famous sarcastic remark every time we return back his questions during such.

Our class agreed to print a t-shirt with such design to show our admiration to our law professor on Persons and Family Relations Law, Atty. Joseph Randi Torregosa. Atty. Torregosa's way of teaching is what we reckoned as the most effective one at law school. He assigned us lots of chapters on the book and the range of 30-45 Supreme Court Cases to read in advance for his mighty oral examinations. He's a law professor with a great sense of humor. There's no single class that we had from him that we don't laugh at his effortless jokes and at the same time we learn a lot from them too. But what I don't like is his "brain-bleeding" written examinations. I even cried after our final exams on his subject because it was sooooooooooo hard and he just laughed at us during the exam upon seeing our face on great agony at his exam. Thank God I passed the subject! haha

Back to the outfit, so I choose the dark colors like black and gray to match the graphic t-shirt because I want to try pulling off a punk/rockstar/grunge/whateveryoucallit look. haha :)


Sweater: Gift from my cousin
Graphic T-Shirt: Acquired at Law School
Denim Shorts: Bazaar Find
Shoes: Primadonna

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