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Saturday, January 28, 2012

On the Countryside

JANUARY 17, 2011, tuesday, me and my one of my best friends, Kristhy, went to the Northern part of Cebu in search for a good photo shoot location and at the same time, have my photo shoot for my account.

Here are the photos on the hilly part of Northern Cebu that Kristhy took! :)

Tank top - July; Blouse used as a Cardigan - Herbench; Denim Shorts - from a tiangge in Colon (Downtown Cebu) area; Strappy Sandals - Chelsea

We went all the way up here! I was panting! haha but the view below from above was all worth it! :)
After taking some shoots at the mountain top, we went to the lower part of the mountain. We were looking for a grassy area suitable for my future photo shoots. Upon arriving the area, I changed my clothes! hahaha Of course, I made most of the opportunity being there at the grassy area. So Kristhy took a shoot of me again for my another lookbook look. 

I also took the opportunity to shoot Kristhy at the grassy area. (Her photos will be my next blog post.)

Here's another beautiful shoot of Kristhy:

Tank Top - July; Maxi Skirt - BQ Dept. Store; Wedge - Katrina Footwear; Waist Belt - SM Dept. Store

After the shoot at the mountain, we went down, down, down, that I almost rolled down (literally haha). We went to the river for another shoot! 

Photos will be posted soon.

Special thanks to Ate Grace who toured us on the mountain area. Thank you so much for your hospitality! :)

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