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Monday, January 23, 2012

CANON Photoskwela PRO goes to the University of San Carlos

The Canon Digital Camera Philippines visited the University of San Carlos – Technological Center to have their Canon Skwela PRO free photography workshop. The said photography workshop was held last January 14, 2012 at the College of Architecture and Fine Arts Building Theater.

The participants of the said photography workshop were mostly advertising students from USC-CAFA. However there were also participants who are from the college of engineering, students from other schools and of course a nursing graduate (ehem, ME! haha!) who are into photography.

The first speaker was Mr. John K. Chua, an advertising photographer:

Mr. Chua lecturing us.

John K. Chua is an advertising and aerial photographer. His clients were the San Miguel Brewery, Mitsubishi Motors, Honda, PLDT, Boysen Paint and a lot more. He’s into photography for a lot of years. He even won an award last Ad Congress for his photo for the Boysen Paint Advertisement.

Mr. Chua told us his experiences being an advertising and aerial photographer. He showed us his portfolio and the story behind those photos that he had taken. When he showed us his aerial photos, I was amazed on how he shot those beautiful photos. He was riding on a helicopter and seeing a beautiful island on his way to the shoot location, he took a shoot of that beautiful island! Wow, it must be very “high” up there!

 Me, J-ann and Mr. Chua

Not only that we heard Mr. Chua’s photography adventures, we also learned from him. He gave us tips about advertising photography. These are the following:
  1. 1.     The best time for night exterior photography is 15 minutes before the sun sets. 
  2. 2.     Don’t ask permission from those who does not have the authority, like the security guards. It’s better to ask permission from the manager.
  3. 3.     Shoot then ask! Act like a tourist! (A ninja move perhaps? haha)
  4. 4.     Want shadows on outdoor photography? The best times are early morning and late afternoon.
  5. 5.      The best time for indoor photography is between 10 o’clock in the morning and 1 o’clock in the afternoon.
Mr. Chua and the USC - CAFA students

The second speaker was Sara Black, a fashion and portrait photographer:

Sara Black is a fashion and portrait photographer who shoots a lot of models and celebrities like Gretchen Barreto, Dawn Zulueta, Lea Salonga etc. Her photos can be seen on some magazine covers or on the fashion/beauty sections on some magazines like Preview Magazine, Candy Magazine, etc.

She lectured us about fashion/portrait photography. She told us that photography is painting with light; and that, light has the following requisites in order to have a good photo such as: quality, direction and how the light bounces around the subject. In portrait photography, balance and symmetry is very important as it determines the right/good angle of the subject.

The third speaker was Mr. Tony Despojo, a photojournalist:

Tony Despojo is a photojournalist for many years. He works for the Cebu Daily News. He had covered a lot of the region’s important and “news worthy” events.

Mr. Despojo showed as his portfolio, including the Ormoc flood tragedy that happened 20 years ago (He was using a film Canon camera that time.), the Milo Olympics, the Sto. NiƱo procession and a lot more.My favorite photo that he took was the photo of the Cebu's provincial bird, the Siloy. :)

He told us that on photojournalism; post processing on the photos taken is only limited to cropping, adjusting brightness and contrast, and color-enhancements. Since photojournalism requires HONESTY and INTEGRITY, the content of the photos must not be altered (e.g. removing unnecessary elements of the photo or adding elements) since it ruins the photo and the photographer’s integrity, and the photo’s story that it brings will surely be changed. 

THANK YOU CANON – PHILIPPINES for giving us a wonderful opportunity to learn. :)

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