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Friday, November 28, 2014

Lace Wedding Dresses from Pick Wedding Dresses Online Bridal Botique

So here's my third part of my wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses blog series in collaboration with this chic online bridal boutique based in Auckland, New Zealand,

Now on this third post, it will be all about lace wedding dresses! Lace wedding dresses exhibit the bride's sexiness and femininity because they expose some skin in a modest way. Almost all girls love laces! Now, if you have noticed, the latest trend in bridal fashion and even on ready-to-wear fashion, is lace! Lace is everywhere! From lace tops, lace dresses, lace jackets, lace skirts, etc. Of course, bridal fashion stays in trend with lace too! Pick Wedding Dress online bridal boutique offers a wide range of affordable, elegant, and very customizable wedding dresses and gowns. So if you are planning or considering to wear a lace wedding dress on your wedding day, visit Pick Wedding Dress online bridal boutique! 

Below are my personal picks from their Lace Wedding Dresses Collection. What's yours?

This lace dress is perfect for those girls who wants to feel like a celebrity bride. Doesn't this wedding dress remind you of those Hollywood celebrities attending the Oscar's? This dress is definitely an eye catcher!

This dress has a sleek and sexy design. This dress is perfect for those brides who wants to feel not only beautiful but also sexy during their very special day. The dress highlights your bust and cleavage wearing this dress requires a lot of confidence! 

What makes this wedding gown interesting is the halter design. The halter design of the dress highlights the bride's beautiful shoulders, making the bride look and feel sexy without being so daring and showing too much skin. This dress is perfect for those conservative brides who wants to look "conservatively" sexy on their wedding day.

This is my favorite lace dress on this third post. I just love how it looks so simple and yet when you walk wearing this gown, the outer lace then shows and that outer lace gives a twist to dress. The lace details also are quite symmetrical so it looks pleasing to the eyes.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Pick Wedding Dress online shopping website for more lace wedding dress choices!

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