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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Let's Eat the Night Away

Law school is finally over for a while! I spent my first day of summer vacation with my close law school friends and ate good food. I had a sleep over at my close friend's condominium unit and she cooked this yummy roasted chicken for us. We spent the night eating, talking about marriage (of all the topics! haha), laughing and watching romantic comedy movies. I really enjoyed every single minute of that night and I hope we will have another sleep over again. :)

Now, the big question is, how will I spend my summer vacation?  I will surely spend it by watching action movies and reality tv series like Rachel Zoe Project and maybe tv series like Game of Thrones, reading in advance some complex and novel law subjects like taxation law, labor relations law and partnership law, learning how to swim with my college buddy and of course, shoot more for my blog! I must, will and need to enjoy every moment of my summer vacation!

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