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Monday, July 15, 2013

Fire and Ice

Two weeks ago, we had an acquaintance party held at the Cebu International Convention Center. The party's theme was "Fire and Ice". It was suggested that we should wear colors like blue, red, white, silver or some other colors that connote "fire" and "ice".

It was only the day before the party that I decided to wear black instead of the colors that I enumerated above. I tried looking for dresses at stores but I'm considering wearing black instead for the party because I gained weight and I want to look a bit thinner. I bought this little black dress from Forever 21 months ago then paired it with my favorite Zara-inspired heels from Gibi Collection and my vintage Louis Vuitton bag (which is unfortunately absent on my outfit shots lol).

But at least I did not break entirely the "color-code" for the said party because I wore a blue and green color-blocked heels! haha :)

Special thanks to my beautiful friends, Anj and Yash for helping me prepare for the night! :)

Little Black Dress - Forever 21
Color-blocked Heels - Gibi Collection

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