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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First Year at Law School: A Success!

           What I learned during my first year as a law student: life at law school is not always fun, it is 90% serious stuff. You got to spend most of your time reading law books and Supreme Court decisions. You have the great tendency to leave your social life for a while and live like a hermit, staying most of the time at the law library. Yes, you need to sacrifice; otherwise you won't be able to pass all the subjects. I also learned that surviving law school is not an individual's fight. Cooperation and teamwork with your classmates are very indispensable.  

           I'm very thankful to God for granting my prayers. He helped me pass all of the first year subjects!

          I'm finally proclaiming myself as an incoming second year law student, which is another year of hard work, dedication and faith. I hope and pray that I can still survive the next following years at law school; for now, I have to enjoy the summer vacation and most of all, SLEEP for at least eight hours a day! During classes, sleeping for more than four hours a night is already a blessing! :)

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