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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hey Louis!

Hype my look at lookbook:

Me and my bestfriend went for a stroll at the mall after we claimed our professional licenses at the Professional Regulatory Commission Regional Office. Now that I have my professional (Registered Nurse) license (I.D.) I can finally say that I'm truly now a professional! During those times that I haven't claimed my professional I.D. yet, I reckoned myself an "inchoate Registered Nurse", now that's a quite silly way of thinking! haha

With my outfit, blue and pink colors are my favorites, so I paired them together and tried to tone down the colors with my black heels and my vintage Louis Vuitton bag. I love blazers. I love heels. I love the corporate look. I wish I could just pull off this type of outfit everyday! :)

Top - Corruca , Blazer - What a Girl Wants

Bag - Louis Vuitton

Heels - Gina

Pants - Next Jeans

Special thanks to Caroline for taking my outfit photos! :)

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