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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

New In: Make Up

Last Sunday, Mai and I went to the mall to buy the basic make-up stuffs that I need for everyday use 
at school.

So these are the basic make-up stuffs that I bought with the big help of my good friend Mai in choosing the make-up products: 

BB Cream is a blemish balm and is much lighter than the foundation. It brightens, evens, smooths, refines, clears, conceals, moisturizes, and protects skin. It has 8 functions in a one handy dandy cream! 
It also has an SPF of 26. 

NICHIDO Mascara and Brow Liner
For my eyes.

Haven't tried this one yet but Mai is going to teach me how to use this. :)

EVER BILENA Blush On and Lipstick
These colors (I and we believe) suit my skin tone.

Special thanks to Mai of for giving me tips about make-up and also for giving me that sponge too! :)

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